General Hospital Policies

Appointment Policy

To allow ample time for office visits and surgeries, we see patients by appointment.  Emergency cases must receive top priority, so an occasional appointment delay is inevitable.  Non-emergency walk-ins will be seen only after regularly scheduled appointments are concluded.

Animal Restraint Policy

Many animals become nervous or frightened when entering the hospital.  Therefore, for your protection, and that of others, all dogs must be on a leash and properly controlled while in the waiting area or exam rooms.  If you don't have a leash, please inform us - we have slip leashes available for in-hospital use, and would be glad to provide you with one.

All cats must be presented in an appropriate cat carrier or on a leash.

Euthanasia Policy

Euthanasia - humanely ending an animal's life - is the most unpleasant task that we are asked to perform.  It is an undertaking that takes an emotional toll on our staff.  Therefore, as of 2012, it is our policy not to perform euthanasias for animals that belong to non-clients; we recommend that these individuals take the pet to their regular veterinarian to have the service performed.  We further reserve the right to refuse to perform euthanasia on animals that the doctor deems to be healthy (so-called "convenience euthanasias").

Pharmacy/Medication Policy

By law, we must have a current (within the last 12 months) client-patient-doctor relationship in order to dispense prescription medications.  In most circumstances, a new health problem will require that your pet be examined and diagnosed before any medication is dispensed. Refills will be granted if the doctor deems continuation of a medication is in the best interest of your pet.